Pairing Perfection! If you know J. Lohr, then you know the award-winning, vintage-to-vintage quality of the classics: Riverstone Chardonnay and Seven Oaks Cabernet Sauvignon.

They’re slam dunk, go-to’s with a wide variety of dishes. But which pairing is more perfect? Grandma’s Crab Cakes recipe with Riverstone Chardonnay? Or Pete’s famous Mushroom Risotto with Seven Oaks Cabernet?

You watch and decide! But be sure to check out the Bonus Content videos below – J. Lohr winemakers Kristen and Steve offer up their own takes on the two videos and Riverstone and Seven Oaks matches.

And then join us on Wednesday, June 21 for a Facebook Live session with our winemakers. It will be your turn to chime-in on the great pairing debate!


Sisters make Grandma’s Crab Cakes with an extra touch of cayenne and sibling rivalry.

It’s Pete’s night to make dinner. He’s pretty confident in his Mushroom Risotto’s ability to wow his wife.

bonus videos!

Watch as J. Lohr winemakers Steve and Kristen offer up their own fun takes on the perfect Riverstone and Seven Oaks pairings!

Of Winemakers, Chardonnay & Scallops

Barrels and Ribs

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